Sunday 20 January 2013

A Change of Hue…

I wrote recently about being someone who needs frequent change and I am definitely in a period of change in my life. I’ve changed jobs, finished studying, changed the decoration in my apartment and now as you can see I’ve changed my hair colour. A change in hue was overdue and that has now been rectified. Balance restored.

I’ve gone back to red hair, mainly because I wanted to go darker for the winter, partly to give my poor locks a rest from bleach but also because I tend to have a regular three-yearly-ish cycle between red and blonde and the time had come.

The last time I had red hair, I was living in Sydney in the summer sun sure I had left England behind forever. Now I am looking out onto English winter snow wondering what changed in me that I can now see the beauty of this country and feel as though this is really home.

A change is as good as a rest, they say, and I believe that is true. The main thing I have learnt in this life is that when things look bleak, when days feel as though they are blurring into one insignificant haze and that sense of being unsettled comes over me, change is the cure.

Elloise Hopkins.


  1. Well I went from field marine biologist to puppeteer. Pretty good change :)

  2. "No one can blame you, for walking away..."

    1. "But too much rejection, uh huh... No love injection."