Sunday 13 May 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 First Impressions…

I wondered where the story would go after Final Fantasy XIII; a game which, I should add, I thought was fantastic, and Lightning quickly made it into my top ten favourite FF characters of all time. I pre-ordered XIII-2 before it came out and then life, or rather university coursework and novel writing, got in the way. Finally now I have had chance to start playing.

The trailers intrigued me. Lightning was still alive and she looked and sounded as amazing, if not better, than she did before. And her seeming nemesis Caius Ballad looked just as incredible. I decided with these two leading the game XIII-2 would not be a disappointment. The opening credits certainly weren’t, and blew me away. I got shivers when Caius said “Warrior Goddess”. Seriously. For the record, I want that on my tombstone.

So what’s my verdict on the game? Well I’m only a couple of hours in so it is really too early to comment on plot or the overall playing experience. I’m currently running around trying to ‘capture’ a Pulsework Knight for my paradigm pack. Of course before I decided I wanted one they were lurking every time I turned around and now they are conveniently elusive.

Nonetheless I do feel like I’m getting into the game now. To start with I was really disappointed to be forced to play as Serah. She certainly did not seem to be a strong lead to me and her rendering seemed peculiarly off. I have some experience of 3D animating, and the texturing of her clothes and especially her hair looked severely below FF standard. But I’m pleased to report that not too far in I was given the option to use Noel as my party leader, which has appeased me somewhat for the moment.

The action seems to be shaping up nicely, the battle system is more complex than its predecessor and although I am a little perplexed by the Crystarium for some unknown reason – does it seem to be too simple and non-intuitive perhaps? – now that I have switched the game off I am craving more play. Yes, the FF addiction has me again. I need more hours in my weeks.

Elloise Hopkins.

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