Thursday 12 April 2012

Six weeks off alcohol....

And how did it feel? Well irritating is the real answer to that question. The first three weeks were a minor struggle with obligatory work occasions in pubs having to be sober affairs, but by the time weekend number 4 had been vanquished I felt quite proud of the achievement.

As a test of will power it was great. As a writer sometimes I like to sit with a glass of wine by my side as I work, or sometimes just randomly enjoy a local ale outside on a sunny day. I feel proud that I have managed to get through these occasions recently without bowing to my inner desire or bowing to peer pressure. But are there any other positives? My liver would probably say yes and I’m sure the good medical profession would congratulate me.

Nonetheless, six weeks without having any alcohol and I don’t feel any better than normal. Not a scrap healthier. In fact I think I had more of an appetite than usual and ended up eating more – strange side effect, weight gain through alcohol withdrawal? I didn’t sleep any better, or any worse, than usual. I feel no healthier, happier or in any way improved for the abstinence, which is kind of a let down. I’m sure it must have done me good in some unseen way. Anyway, I am looking forward to my next drink in the hope that some lesson will become clear over time.

Elloise Hopkins.

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