Friday 23 March 2012

What colour am I today...

Yes in the grand tradition of using Crayola wax to analyse my mood, today I am feeling mostly Yellow Green, a rather putrid, nauseated colour, perhaps perfect in the right setting but on me it casts nothing but a sickly pallor that reflects the internal swaying of my body.

I hate being ill, I am a terrible patient. I have no time for being unwell; life does not stop for me to sleep and heal my way through sickness. Unfortunately winter brought with it a near-permanent cold/cough and regular bouts of fever that are still attempting to bring my various spinning plates clattering to the ground.

So today Yellow Green I am. All day I felt as though the office (which unfortunately is decorated in a rather similar shade of off green) is spinning around me. The keys on my keyboard were glaring too brightly. The letters on the screen are still dancing around in front of me, and all awash with a Yellow Green haze.

And yet still I write, because I must. Because it brings me pleasure and because it keeps me sane. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a less woeful hue.

Elloise Hopkins.

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